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Beware of Online Scams

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Prom Dresses will begin arriving in

Marin County February 2021 

Graduation Dresses will follow in Spring!  

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​​​Thinking of ordering your prom dress through an online store?

Counterfeit dresses are an ENORMOUS online issue, so protect yourself and your wallet.  Do your research before you purchase! 


- Contact the company before ordering, do they have a real street address and telephone number. - Call them... is there a live person on the other end?

- Online chats are not the same as talking to a human.  Chances are if you can't hold a live conversation prior to your purchase, it's unlikely you'll get hold of anybody to speak with afterwards

- Google them 

- The company is making your gown from scratch and will be delivered in 4-6 weeks?  Unfortunately, these companies are buying time to scam as many customers as possible, do not become their victim 

- How long has the company been business?  Plenty of prom dress websites are here today

 gone tomorrow

- Price too good to be true.... then it probably is

- Ask an adult for a second opinion

More tips coming soon....

In the meantime do your research on this topic. Here are Articles from the BuzzFeed, the Today Show and Cosmopolitan Magazine regarding buying prom dresses online


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