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the Jewelry

We offer decadent pieces which entice those with fabulous taste.  Whether you are searching for the perfect compliment to your gown or just wish to bedazzle your outfit, the jewelry here is a must hav

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Gallivanting  Around Town

Hello Gorgeous sells exquisite women's 

formal wear for upscale events & cocktail parties, along with stunning jewelry that will capture your glamorous side 

​​Hello Gorgeous

the Dresses

We understand the desire for you to achieve your look without having to sacrifice your budget, therefore, we carry a distinctive variety of special occasion dresses to suit your needs



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1108 Magnolia Avenue, Larkspur, CA 94939        415.295.7575 


 In order to keep staff & clients safe, the shop has been closed. 

We will reopen in 2022

Check back with us for the latest updates and new location.  We appreciate your understanding during this unusual time and look

forward to working with you

 again as safely as possible